Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ten More Rows (and I ran out of yarn)

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Just a short post. It has been a long time since I had anything to show. I've been very busy with the holidays so very little knitting had been done.
I had been knitting on my "Surprise" shawl almost to the exclusion of anything else. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel! Turns out it was an on-coming train. I ran out of yarn. It's hand dyed yarn. Each skein is different from the last. The kind folks at A Verb For Keeping Warm are dyeing me up more so I can finally finish. So instead, you get pictures of my "Stash Enhancement" efforts.
At the top, my new Bosworth Moosie spindle which weighs just under an ounce. I waited about a year to get it but it was worth the wait. I'm spinning a little Mohair that I bought from A Verb For Keeping Warm. It is part of their Farm Series and is fro Shaggy Bear Farms.
Below that you have 3 skeins of baby alpaca lace in the"Vamp" colorway from Pigeon Roof Studios and 2 skeins of the "Amazon" colorway.
Next, 3 skeins of alpaca lace from A Verb For Keeping Warm in the "10% Chance Of Rain" colorway and 4 skeins in the "Glenda" colorway.
Below that you have 3 skeins each of Kyoko Pink, Glacier and then Black Plum all in the Phoenix yarn and purchased from fleegle's Etsy store, The Gossamer Web. I also picked up some nifty stitch stoppers from her as well. I think they look like owls.
That's it for now. I hope to post again in the New Year when I have finished Surprise and update you on any other trouble I've gotten myself into :-) Here is wishing everyone a wonderful 2010!


LittleBerry said...

Nice spindle and stash enhancement.. I love the Amazon colourway....

Ohh surprise for the New Year... I love surprises... I hope you have a pleasant & peacful New Year

fleegle said...

Harry wants your stash. Me too! Your stash enhancements are gorgeous, but of course, I am a bit biased. Where is Goldregen? Are you going to knit TQS? What yarn? Need to dye more Black Plum--it really is a lovely color :)
I am so sorry you ran out of yarn! I hate that!

Jane said...

Dear Littleberry,

I really hope to get the additional yarn soon so I can finish this shawl! I'm off of work this week so I'm knitting on UFO's and plying (a perpetual chore). Next post will be works in progrees if not the Surprise :-)

Jane said...

Dear fleegle,

I have decided to refer to my huge stash as a "Legacy Stash". When I die, someone will inherit a spectacular collection of laceweight yarns and, by then,"vintage" patterns/books :-) I have been working on "Bells Through The Leaves" and will work on Goldregen today while I am waiting to get more yarn. I have already started TQS but am only on row 9 with US 00 needles. I'm doing the orginal center and it is just spectacular using Phoenix! I want one full repeat before I post a picture :-) The Black Plum is so beautiful in person. The pictures don't do it justice!

Laritza said...

Glad to see you around. Hope the yarn dyes well. Hummm those stitch stoppers are interesting. Do they fit 2 mm needles?

Jane said...

Dear Laritiza

If you put both points in one hole I think it could :-) I'm out here but I've been so busy with work and the holidays that I haven't had much time to post blogs. I will try to do more frequent, if shorter blogs next year and see how that works.

Anonymous said...

I always read your posts w. a smile - is it your writing that gives me a chuckle or the gorgeous things you always show us? It's both, really!

You really ought to open a shop of some kind - at least for me! I could spend alot of time and all of my pay check in it - now that's is fun :)

Happy New Year! Terry

Jane said...

Dear Terry,

Thanks! I'm glad you have fun looking at the blog :-)

MoniqueB. said...

I know exactly how you feel: it happened to me too! With fleegle-yarn. She helped me out, so I can finish it and gift it.
I'm very happy to see your new stashenhancements!

Happy newyear to you and your loved ones too!

Jane said...

Dear MoniqueB,

I have to stop knitting such big projects.Either that or start using thinner yarn and smaaller needles LOL! I'm glad you were able to finish your own project. Happy New Years to you too!